Introduction This tutorial will show you how to send a basic mail via Spring framework’s email support. The Spring Framework provides a helpful utility library for sending email that shields the user from the specifics of the underlying mailing system and is responsible for low level resource handling on behalf of the client. The central…

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Send email via Spring – MailSender and SimpleMailMessage

What is Mule ESB ? Mule ESB is a lightweight Java-based enterprise service bus (ESB) and integration platform that allows developers to connect applications together quickly and easily, enabling them to exchange data. Mule ESB enables easy integration of existing systems, regardless of the different technologies that the applications use, including JMS, Web Services, JDBC,…

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Send email attachment using SMTP in Mule ESB

Introduction This tutorial shows how do you send bulk emails at once. This tutorial uses one method sendEmail(), which takes only one parameter – MimeMessage. This email sending example can be used to send different types of messages, such as, text, html, etc. Even you can send file attachements using this example.

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Send Bulk Emails Using Java

This tutorial shows how to send email with an attachment. This tutorial uses one input form where a user gives input for ‘Recipient’s Email’ where the intended email will be sent, ‘Email Subject’, ‘Email Message’ and uploads one file which will be sent as an attachment with the email. This email sending example uses gmail…

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Sending Email with attachment using Struts2

Table of Contents Introduction Prerequisites Install XAMPP Configure XAMPP for Sending Email Setup Email Clients Setup Microsoft Outlook Express Sending Email using Outlook Setup eM Client Sending Email using eM Client Introduction Many of you tried to send mail from localhost for testing some functionality in the website like User Registration, Password Activation etc. in…

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How To Send Email From Localhost With XAMPP And Mercury32 In Windows