Introduction In this post we will see Bootstrap Datatable CRUD using Codeigniter, MySQL and AJAX. We have also seen similar implementation in our previous post on DataTable CRUD Example using Codeigniter, MySQL and AJAX, but here we will use Bootstrap Datatable to implement the similar functionalities, where we have the following features: Loading data from MySQL…

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Bootstrap Datatable CRUD using Codeigniter, MySQL, AJAX

Introduction Here you will see Codeigniter MongoDB CRUD example, where CRUD means Create, Read, Update and Delete. So basically you will perform creating new user, reading users/user, update existing user and deleting existing user operations into MongoDB. MongoDB is one of the widely used NoSQL(Not only SQL) database in market today. MongoDB is a document database with…

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Codeigniter 3 MongoDB 4 CRUD Example

Introduction Here you will see a post ot tutorial on CodeIgniter login logout example. So here I will show you how to use CodeIgniter’s session library to store data into session or fetch data from session. You will also see how to allow a user access private area of the application once user logs into…

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CodeIgniter Login Logout Example

Introduction This post is about Codeigniter multi-language website, where user will have options to choose his/her own language for reading the text or information on the website. In this Codeigniter multi-language website, I will show how to change the text of the website in different locales or languages. I will use five different languages to…

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Codeigniter Multi-Language Website

Introduction Here I will show you how to do benchmarking Codeigniter application. The benchmark information may help you during development for debugging and optimization for the application code. CodeIgniter has a Benchmarking class that is always active (class is initialized automatically), enabling the time difference between any two marked points to be calculated. Doc says,…

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Benchmarking Codeigniter Application

Introduction Here you will see a simple example on profiling Codeigniter application. The Codeigniter’s Profiler class displays benchmark results, queries you have run and POST data at the bottom of the page. This information may be useful in the development environment for debugging and optimization of your application.

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Profiling Codeigniter Application

Introduction Here in this tutorial I will show you how to configure Codeigniter 3.1 and SQLite3 in Windows environment. You can choose any database from a number of supported databases in Codeigniter framework but here I am going to use SQLite, which is in-memory database and also fit for quick PoC projects. SQLite a small,…

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Configure Codeigniter 3.1 and SQLite3 in Windows

Introduction In this post we will see Datatable CRUD example using Codeigniter, MySQL and AJAX. We have seen in our previous post on DataTable using Codeigniter, MySQL and AJAX, where we have the following features: Loading data from MySQL database in HTML table Pagination – each page shows 10 records Searching Filtering Sorting

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DataTable CRUD Example using Codeigniter, MySQL and AJAX

Introduction Here I am going to show you an example on Codeigniter MySQL Stored Procedure CRUD. You may also read my previous tutorial on Call Stored Procedure using Codeigniter. CRUD means, Create, Read, Update Delete operations. We can perform the similar the CRUD operations by executing individual SQL statement for each operation.

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Codeigniter MySQL Stored Procedure CRUD Example

Calendar The example, Bootstrap Calendar Events Demo using Codeigniter 3, will show you how you can show different events set by users on a calendar. It helps users to track easily what all upcoming events are or past events were there by navigating through the calendar dates. Bootstrap Calendar is a reusable jQuery plugin that makes…

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Bootstrap Calendar Events Demo Using Codeigniter

Introduction Here we will see Codeigniter REST + ReactJS CRUD example. We have seen previously Codeigniter REST API examples for GET, POST, PUT and DELETE but here we will see them together. We will use ReactJS as a front-end technology to represent our UI. In this example we will use Codeigniter version 3.1.9 and node version 6.11.3…

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Codeigniter REST + ReactJS CRUD Example

Here we will see how to generate excel report from MySQL database using Codeigniter. Codeigniter is one of the popular PHP framework for web applications and it’s easy to work with Codeigniter for building web applications. Why excel reporting? Most people in your organization are likely to be familiar with excel, hence it ensures a…

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Generate Excel Report from MySQL Database using Codeigniter