In this tutorial I am going to show you how lookup method injection works in Spring framework. You may face a situation where you need to inject prototype scoped bean into singleton scoped bean. For singleton scoped bean a new instance or object is created and the same is returned each time it is injected…

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Inject Prototype Bean into Singleton Bean in Spring – Lookup Method Injection

In this example I am going to show you how to run multiple batch jobs parallelly in Spring Batch framework. Spring Batch is a lightweight, comprehensive batch framework designed to enable the development of robust batch applications vital for the daily operations of enterprise systems. Spring Batch provides reusable functions that are essential in processing…

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Spring Batch – Scheduling Multiple Jobs Parallelly

Spring framework provides bean life cycle call back methods to perform some additional tasks which you may want to perform when a bean is initiated or created or when a bean is about to get destroyed. Therefore you can run a method which will do some initialization process during bean initialization and you can run…

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Spring bean life cycle call back Methods Example

Spring InitializingBean and DisposableBean are the interfaces used in life cycle of Spring beans management. Each of these interfaces has only one method. InitializingBean has a method called afterPropertiesSet() and DisposableBean has a method called destroy(). Spring container runs the method afterPropertiesSet() once the bean properties have been set and Spring container runs destroy() method…

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InitializingBean and DisposableBean in Spring

Introduction In this tutorial we will discuss on Spring custom init() and destroy() methods. These methods are call back methods which used in Spring life cycle. You can use these methods to to some initialization and clean up jobs just after the bean is created by the Spring container or just before the bean is…

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Custom init() and destroy() methods in Spring

BeanPostProcessor in Spring is used for extending the functionality of framework if want to do any configuration Pre- and Post- bean initialization done by spring container. By default, Spring will not aware of the @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy annotation. To enable it, you have to either register CommonAnnotationBeanPostProcessor or specify <context:annotation-config/> in the bean configuration file….

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BeanPostProcessor in Spring

Introduction In my other tutorial I had shown how to create an example on Spring MVC and JDBC CRUD example using annotations only, but here I am going to use Spring Boot framework. I did not update the other tutorial keeping in mind if someone still needs the example using Spring framework only. Here also…

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Spring Boot MVC and JDBC CRUD Example

Introduction In this tutorial we will create an example on how to manipulate data from RSS Feed and write to files periodically using Spring Integration framework. This guide uses Spring Integration using Java configuration to retrieve data from RSS feed, manipulate and write to files. In this example we will create both gradle and maven…

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Spring Integration – Manipulate RSS Feed Data and Write to Files

Introduction We will create Spring integration file adapter example. This example will show you how to transfer file from source directory to destination directory using file adapter in Spring integration or how to move a file from source to destination folder or how to poll a directory at an interval to move file to the…

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File Transfer from Source Directory to Destination Directory using File Adapter in Spring Integration

Introduction We will create an example to read file content from source directory using file adapter in Spring integration. This example will show you how to read file content from a particular location and log the file content into console. You may further process this file content for your business requirements. Prerequisites Eclipse 4.12, Java…

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Read File Content From Source Directory using File Adapter in Spring Integration

Introduction In this post we will create a simple example in Spring Integration with greeting message or hello message. Spring Integration aims to provide a clear line between code and configuration. The components provided by the framework, which often represent the enterprise integration patterns, are typically configured in a declarative way using either XML or…

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Spring Integration Hello Example

Introduction The Spring @ConditionalOnWebApplication and @ConditionalOnNotWebApplication annotations let configuration be included depending on whether the application is a web application. A web application is any application that uses a Spring WebApplicationContext, defines a session scope, or has a StandardServletEnvironment.

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Spring @ConditionalOnWebApplication and @ConditionalOnNotWebApplication Examples