Liferay is a Open Source Content Management System and it’s popularity increasing day by day  but there are no much tutorials on this. Sometimes we find some examples but it may not work exactly the way have been written in the websites. Sometimes the tutorial steps have not been started from the scratch and it…

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Integrate struts 2 in Liferay portlet

Here I am going to give an example on how REST webservice works. The most important concept in REST is resources, which are identified by global IDs — typically using URIs. Client applications use HTTP methods (GET/ POST/ PUT/ DELETE) to manipulate the resource or collection of resources. A RESTful Web service is implemented using…

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RESTful webservice using Jersey

Introduction Authentication example in JAX-WS webservice will show you how to authenticate a user before the user is able to see the response from the SOAP based JAX-WS webservice. You may also like to read JAX-WS webservice example. In this example I will show you basic authentication example because I am going to pass credentials…

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Authentication example in JAX-WS webservice

Introduction In this tutorial I will show how to create the Webservice client for JAX-WS webservice. We will consume same webservice which we created in the example. We will use here gradle tool to generate client or stub from the SOAP webservice or JAX-WS webservice. A service has already been deployed into the server and…

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Consume jax-ws webservice

Introduction This issue occurs while establishing a trusted connection over SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in Artifactory. The error message indicates that Artifactory could not establish a trusted connection over SSL. You may find this issue if you are using Self-Signed certificate or a certificate that is issued by an internal Certificate Authority or if your…

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SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

Introduction In this tutorial I will show how to use SSL/TSL or https in JAX-WS based SOAP webservice. For using SSL with JAX-WS webservice you need one keystore file. I will use here Java tool to generate the keystore file. I also need to configure SSL in Tomcat server because I am going to deploy…

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Using SSL(Secure Socket Layer) in JAX-WS webservice

Introduction We will create a post on JAX-WS webservice deployment example in Tomcat server. We have seen that we have successfully created the jax-ws webservice example tutorial and also published and tested the service successfully. Now we will deploy the same webservice in Tomcat Server.

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JAX-WS webservice deployment example in Tomcat Server

Introduction I am going to give an example on how to create a SOAP based jax-ws webservice. I will show you how to publish the service in two approaches. First approach for publishing the service will be just using the java main method. Second approach will be by deploying the service in Tomcat Server 7…

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JAX-WS webservice example

Introduction Cucumber test framework is a tool for running automated acceptance tests written in a behavior-driven development (BDD) style. Cucumber test framework is written in the Ruby programming language. Cucumber projects are available for other platforms beyond Ruby. Some use Ruby Cucumber with a bridge into the target language (e.g. cuke4php and cuke4lua). Others use…

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Cucumber Test Framework – Cucumber-JVM with Cucumber-Java + Cucumber-Junit

Introduction Here I will show you how to fix the issue No name matching localhost found. To fix it, add a method to override the existing hostname verifier.

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Introduction This tutorial shows an example how to add input fields to form dynamically using jQuery. Input field types may be text, textarea or file to the form. We also have added remove button next to the added input field to remove the field if you do not need it. For this example, I have…

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Add input fields to form dynamically using jQuery

Introduction I will show you in this example, how to display elements one by one from an array using jQuery. Let’s say you have a button on the web page and on clicking the button the values from array will be displayed one by one. There are two examples below, one simply access the values…

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Display elements one by one from an array using jQuery