Spring JdbcTemplate – Select Specific Columns From Table

Specific Columns Selection Here I am going to show you an example how to select only specific columns from a table. So you only need to select few columns from a table instead of selecting all columns. In other words you are going to fetch those columns which are required for your business purpose.

Spring Boot – QueryForObject, QueryForList, BeanPropertyRowMapper

QueryForObject, QueryForList, BeanPropertyRowMapper In this post you will see how to select records using queryForObject(), queryForList(), BeanPropertyRowMapper in Spring Boot JdbcTemplate. Spring’s queryForObject() is used to fetch single row from the database. Spring’s queryForList() and BeanPropertyRowMapper are used to fetch multiple rows from the database. So, I will fetch single and multiple rows from the database using Spring JdbcTemplate.

Select Single and Multiple Records using Spring JdbcTemplate

Record Selection Using Spring JdbcTemplate This tutorial will show you how you can select or fetch data from a database using Spring JdbcTemplate. I am going to use Spring Boot framework to select single record, multiple records and only single field or column value from the database. simplifies the use of JDBC and helps to avoid common errors. It executes…

Single and Multiple Records Insert using Spring JdbcTemplate

Records Insertion Using Spring Jdbc Template This tutorial will show you how you can insert an object or multiple objects into a database using Spring JdbcTemplate. So you are going to see how to insert single record and multiple records into database table. I am going to use PreparedStatement and BatchPreparedStatementSetter for inserting multiple records. Sometimes you need to insert…