How to read, write and compress text file in Python

In this tutorial we will create examples how to read text file and gzip file. We will also create a text file and compress or gzip file. The gzip file or compressed file extension is gz. Prerequisites Python 3.8.1 Import Module Import required module as a first step in the Python script. Read File The below function read either compressed…

Create archive or zip using Java

With this example I will show you how to create an archive or zip from multiple files using Java language. If you already have an idea on how to create a maven project in Eclipse will be great otherwise I will tell you here how to create a maven project in Eclipse.

Java application and database backup

In the world of web it is important to take backup of our site and database frequently. We don’t know when we’d come accross unexpected error which causes our site stop working. Here I have developed an application in Java, Servlet and JSP which will help you to take backup as per your wish whenever you want to take backup….