Introduction In this tutorial I will show you how to define Spring optional path variable (PathVariable) in REST service. Here I will use Java 8’s java.util.Optional or using attribute required=false and at least Spring Boot 2.1.4 to support optional PathVariable.

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Spring REST: Optional PathVariable

Introduction In this tutorial I will show you how you can validate your input data while working with REST service. Generally you need to validate the input data coming from end users because users may give anything as an input but your service side code should not accept anything as an input for the defined…

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Validate input data in REST service

When creating a REST API, good documentation is instrumental. But developers do not have any option using JSR-339 to generate any documentation on all these APIs so other developers could quickly understand how to use them. For sure, it would be just awesome to generate verbose and easy to follow documentation from source code, and but…

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Documenting Spring REST API with Swagger 2

Introduction Here we will see an example on Spring Security Pre-authentication. There are situations where you want to use Spring Security for authorization, but the user has already been reliably authenticated by some external system prior to accessing the application. In such situations where Spring Security Pre-authentication comes into picture we refer to these situations…

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Spring Security Pre-authentication Example