Convert List of Map Objects Into List Of Objects Using Java Stream

Map To List Objects

Here I will show you how to convert List of Map objects into List of objects using Java 8’s or later’s Stream API. The List of Map objects can be found as a result of selecting multiple records from database table or any other sources. Then you may need to convert into List of objects to make it better readability for further using in the application code.


Java 1.8+

Convert List of Map to List Objects

Let’s say you have the following List of Map objects as a result coming from database table while you are selecting multiple records using SQL statement from the database table.

List<Map<String, Object>> results = jdbcTemplate.queryForList("SELECT * FROM cd");

Now you need to convert the above List of Map objects into List of objects as an application requirement for further using into some other part of the application.

The below code snippets will convert using Java Stream API.

List<Cd> cds = -> {
	Cd cd = new Cd();
	return cd;

In the above code snippets it is assumed that you have a POJO class Cd with id, title and artist attributes and corresponding getters/setters. It is also assumed that you also have created the required database table in the database server.

Now the resultant List<Cd> cds can be used anywhere in the application.

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