How To Remove Case Sensitive From Auto Complete Search In IntellijIDEA


I will discuss here how to make auto complete search case insensitive or remove case sensitive from auto complete search in IntellijIDEA.

Case sensitivity makes you irritating when you are typing something partially to get complete answer for it. Because either you have to type in small letters or capital letters. But end users should not be bother about this and IDE or tool should handle such situation irrespective of how users type something to get answer.

Need for Auto-Complete Feature

Auto complete feature helps you find a file or hints when you are writing code in IntellijIDEA.

Most of the time you may not remember all the coding syntax but you get helps in the editor window itself by pressing some key combinations from the keyboard.

Let’s say you typed a character that indicates a particular keyword in a programming language and after that you press a combination of keys from the keyboard to complete the keyword.

Now if IntellijIDEA is unable to give you hints for the given word (whatever you have typed) with keywords then it means that the keyword either doesn’t start with that partial word or auto complete feature needs case sensitive search.

By default when you type from the keyboard, the characters are printed in lowercase.

So in the above case if you were sure that the characters or partial word which you typed should have formed a keyword then it’s a case sensitive search for auto complete feature.

Remove Case Sensitive Search

So I will show you how to make it case insensitive search for auto complete feature in IntellijIDEA when you search for a keyword completion on editor.

The version of IntellijIDEA is 2019.2.3/2022.3.1 while I am writing this post.

The below screen shot highlights the solution for fixing the issue of case sensitive search for auto complete.

So when you type first character in lowercase or uppercase it will show you hints with the available keywords.

In your IntellijIDEA, go to File -> Settings. On a new window go to Editor -> General -> Code Completion.

Now uncheck the checkbox Match case as highlighted in the below image.

Finally click on OK to save the settings.

remove case sensitive for auto complete search in intellijidea

Now whenever you type something to get hints or helps from IntellijIDEA you will get some relevant results.

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