Monitor health of a URL using Unix

This blog will tell you how to write a script to check whether a given web service or URL is up or not by accessing a given URL.

Occasinally, your Apache (or other) web server might become unresponsive. So here we will get an idea how to write a script to detect this issue.

You can use “curl” or “wget” to access the given URL with a time out of 10 seconds. The output can be moved to /dev/null – just capture the HTTP return code. If the return code is not 200, declare the site is down.

retcode=$(curl -o /dev/null --silent --head --write-out '%{http_code}\n' $url -m 10)


if [ "$retcode" != "200" ];then

Next, you can have a cronjob that checks the health of the service or URL, let’s say, every minute.

I will give you an idea how to write the script:

Let’s say you have written your above ode snippets into “”.

Next, you have to invoke the script as part of the cronjob that runs every minute, i.e., it would be * * * * * /bin/

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