How to call Stored Procedure in CodeIgniter 4

In this example I am going to show you how to call stored procedure in CodeIgniter 4. CodeIgniter 4 is a PHP based light weight web based framework for rapid application development. In this example I am going to use MySQL database server for storing data.

Codeigniter MySQL Stored Procedure CRUD Example

Introduction Here I am going to show you an example on Codeigniter MySQL Stored Procedure CRUD. You may also read my previous tutorial on Call Stored Procedure using Codeigniter. CRUD means, Create, Read, Update Delete operations. We can perform the similar the CRUD operations by executing individual SQL statement for each operation.

Call Stored Procedure using Codeigniter

This tutorial will show you how to call stored procedure using CodeIgniter framework. Here I will use MySQL database server to store the data. Stored procedure is used when you want to execute multiple SQL statements in a group to perform certain actions. Related Posts: Call Stored Procedure using CodeIgniter 4 Codeigniter MySQL Stored procedure CRUD Example How to call…