Introduction In this tutorial I am going to show you how to use Python client to work with Apache kafka distributed stream processing system. I will create Kafka producer and consumer examples using Python language. KafkaConsumer is a high-level message consumer that consumes records from a kafka cluster. The consumer is not thread safe and…

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Python Client for Apache Kafka Producer and Consumer

In this tutorial we will see an example of event driven streaming using Spring Cloud Stream and Apache Kafka streaming platform. How do we deal with some events, such as, a new user has registered to a portal, an order was placed, a file has been uploaded etc? Let’s say when an order was placed…

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Event Driven Streaming using Spring Cloud Stream and Apache Kafka

Introduction We will create bootstrap calendar events demo using Python Flask MySQL. We had created similar example using Codeigniter (PHP framework) and MySQL. We will use the same version of bootsrap library 2.3.2 because using bootstrap version 4.3.1 the layout becomes a little messy. It helps users to track easily what all upcoming events are…

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Bootstrap Calendar Events Demo using Python Flask MySQL

Calendar The example, Bootstrap Calendar Events Demo using Codeigniter 3, will show you how you can show different events set by users on a calendar. It helps users to track easily what all upcoming events are or past events were there by navigating through the calendar dates. Bootstrap Calendar is a reusable jQuery plugin that makes…

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Bootstrap Calendar Events Demo Using Codeigniter

Introduction I am going to show you an example on how to build app to send push notifications using Spring’s server sent events API. You might have seen a popular choice for sending real time data from server to client in web application is using WebSocket in our previous tutorials Messaging with STOMP over WebSockets…

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Server Sent Events with Spring – Push Notifications

In this tutorial you will see how to build Tic-tac-toe (tic tac toe) game using React or React JS web framework. React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. You may read more about tic-tac-toe game at You may also read tic tac toe using Java here

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Tic-tac-toe game using React JS

Introduction This tutorial shows how to use ValueChangeListener to create dependent dropdown in JSF 2 and MySQL. I have used here JSF 2’s valueChangeListener which fires value change event when select option dropdown gets changed. Any component that receives user input, such as one of the HTML select or text input components, can publish value…

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ValueChangeListener example in JSF 2