In this example I am going to show you how we can implement Many to Many(@ManyToMany) relationship using JPA persistence API in Java. The Java Persistence API (JPA) is a Java specification for accessing, persisting, and managing data between Java objects / classes and a relational database. The JPA is used to reduce the burden…

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Many to Many Mapping in JPA

Introduction Here I am creating an example on how bidirectional many-to-many association without join entity works in entity relationships. I will use SPring Data JPA framework to build this example. In bidirectional association, it will have the navigation in both directions, i.e, both side of the association will have the reference to the other side….

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Spring JPA Bidirectional ManyToMany Association Without Join Entity

In unidirectional association, we will have navigation only in one direction, i.e, only one side of the association will have the reference to the other side. The one side of the association will implement one of the collection interfaces, if it has the reference to the other entity. In many to many relationship, multiple target…

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Unidirectional Many-To-Many Relationship with Join Tables in Hibernate