Spring REST Optional Path Variable Example

Optional Path Variable In this tutorial I will show you how to work with Spring framework’s optional path variable (PathVariable) in REST services. Here I will use Java 8’s java.util.Optional or using attribute required=false and at least Spring Boot 2.1.4 to support optional PathVariable. The optional variable can be found in the URI resource path of the URL.

Spring Web MVC @PathVariable with Regular Expressions

This tutorial will show you how we use @PathVariable annotation with Regular Expressions in Spring Web MVC. Sometimes you need more precision in defining URI template variables. The @RequestMapping and @GetMapping annotations support the use of regular expressions in URI template variables. The syntax is {varName:regex} where the first part defines the variable name and the second – the regular…

Spring Boot Web MVC @PathVariable

Path Variable This tutorial will show you how to use @PathVariable annotation in Spring MVC. The @PathVariable annotation is used on a method argument to bind it to the value of a URI template variable. You can also make this path variable optional in the URI. Path variable can appear in any path segment of the URI.