Introduction This guide will walk you through how to build jQuery AJAX based registration system using Python Flask MySQL. In this example I am going to build REST API that will be called from front-end technologies – jQuery, HTML including AJAX technique. I will determine registration process based on various http status codes such as…

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jQuery AJAX based Registration System using Python Flask MySQL

Introduction This tutorial will show you how to validate email address with regular expression using Kotlin. In this post, email validation in Kotlin will be done using regular expression or regex pattern. In web applications or standalone applications where we need to send emails to intended recipients, it is recommended to check the valid email…

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Validate Email Address with Regular Expression using Kotlin

This tutorial will show you how to solve HackerRank Valid Username Checker using Kotlin. In different web applications we define certain rules for choosing the username, such as, it should consists of maximum 30 characters; it should not have any special character; it may contain one or more digits; it must starts with a letter,…

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HackerRank Solution: Valid Username Regular Expression using Kotlin

In this example, I will show you how to build a bean validator for User model object.In my previous example, Spring MVC Custom Validator, I have shown how to validate user input. Validating input received from the user to maintain data integrity is an important part of application logic. The Bean Validation model is supported by…

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Spring MVC Bean Validator

This tutorial will show you how we use @PathVariable annotation with Regular Expressions in Spring Web MVC. Sometimes you need more precision in defining URI template variables. The @RequestMapping and @GetMapping annotations support the use of regular expressions in URI template variables. The syntax is {varName:regex} where the first part defines the variable name and…

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Spring Web MVC @PathVariable with Regular Expressions

This tutorial shows how to replace the characters in a string or text using regular expression in MySQL function. There is no built-in function available to replace any character in a string or text in MySQL so here I am creating a custom function.

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Custom regex function to replace characters in MySQL

Introduction The below example shows how to verify that a string contains only numeric value in Java. String may contain float value, double value etc. This example uses regular expression to check a string contains only numeric values. It makes sure that your string should contain only digits and dot(.). You may need sometimes to…

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Verify A String Contains Only Numeric Value Using Java