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Functional Programming

Introduction Functional programming is a declarative programming paradigm in that the programming is done with expressions or declarations instead of statements. In functional programming code, the output value of a function depends only on its arguments, so calling a function multiple times with the same value for an argument always produces the same result. Therefore there is no side effects…

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Capture scrolling web page using Chrome

Introduction This tutorial will show you how to capture or copy scrolling web page using Chrome browser’s built-in features. Generally you use PrtSc button on keyboard or Snipping Tool that comes with Windows operating system for capturing screenshot of the web page or screen. But these tools have limitation and you cannot capture or copy beyond the size of visible…

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Haar Wavelet Transform

This video tutorial will show you a step by step guide on how Haar wavelet transform happens. I will show this video with sample data on which we will perform Haar wavelet transform.

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