Create archive or zip using PHP

In this example, I will explain how to create a zip file of multiple files using PHP.

Create below function to create a zip file from multiple files.

function createZipFromFiles($files, $zipName) {
    $zip = new ZipArchive();
    $zip->open($zipName, ZipArchive::CREATE);
    foreach ($files as $file) {

The above function takes two arguments, $files – an array of files with full path and $zipName – the zip file name that has extension .zip.

Usage example

Here I will show you how to use the above function to create an archive or zip file.

$folder = 'uploads/';
$files = array($folder . 'a.jpg', $folder . 'b.jpg');
$zipName = $folder . 'Archive_' . time() . ".zip";
createZipFromFiles($files, $zipName);

So first the a.jpg and b.jpg are kept into folder 'uploads' and $files array is built using those files.
Then I define a $zipName using current time so every time a unique zip name is generated.
Then I simply call the createZipFromFiles() function to create the zip file.

Thanks for reading.

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