Spring Boot Hikari Connection Pool Configurations

Hikari Connection Pool Here in this Spring Boot application example, I am going to show you how to use Hikari connection pool to use dedicated HikariDataSource instead of the use of database specific datasource. Hikari connection pool commonly known as HikariCP is extremely fast, light-weight, simple and production ready JDBC connection pool.

Spring Batch 5 Migration

Spring Batch I have already written some posts on Spring Batch. I am going to show you here what are the changes required while you are migrating your existing spring batch application to spring batch version 5.x or while you are using spring batch in spring boot 3.x. Requirements For Spring Batch 5 Implementation Related Changes Here are some changes…

Using Multiple DataSources In Spring Batch

Multiple DataSources In Spring Batch Here I am going to show you how to use multiple datasources in spring batch application. You may need to use multiple data sources for various reasons, for example, you may need to store table metadata for spring batch into h2 database and other business data into Oracle, MySQL or any other database. Or another…

PHP REST API Multiple Files Upload

REST API Multiple Files Upload In this tutorial I am going to show you an example how to upload multiple files using REST (Representational State Transfer) API. I will also create a client program to upload multiple files through REST API. I am not using any Postman or SOAP UI tool to test the file upload functionality, so I am…

PHP REST API Single File Upload

REST API File Upload I am going to show you how to upload single file using REST API in PHP language. The full form of REST is Representational State Transfer. I will use POST method to upload the file. The REST API will get the file content from the client and will store the file content to a specified destination….

Multipart File Upload Client Using Spring REST Template

In this example I am going to show you how to test file upload using Spring Boot Rest Template API. You can always use any REST based testing tools, such as, Postman, Talend, etc. but when you do not have any access to such REST based client tools, for example, your organization has blocked access to such REST client tools….

How To Write Text Over Images

Text Over Images You may need to display text or title over an image or images to hint about the particular image. People will understand by looking at the title or text what the image about. I will use CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) to decorate text over images. The title or text over images are written in the HTML content…

Additional Configurations In Spring Boot Application

Additional Config Here I am going to tell about additional config or configurations in your spring boot application. Now what could be the additional configurations in your spring boot application. Generally you define configurations into application.properties file under class path folder. But what if your application needs more configurations which could be supplied during runtime or the jar which is…

Spring JdbcTemplate – Select Specific Columns From Table

Specific Columns Selection Here I am going to show you an example how to select only specific columns from a table. So you only need to select few columns from a table instead of selecting all columns. In other words you are going to fetch those columns which are required for your business purpose.

Create Empty Files For Existing Files In Windows

Empty File Here in this example I am going to show you how to create empty files in Windows system using command line tool. This will reduce your manual efforts for creating empty files for a corresponding list of files in a directory. When there is a requirement for processing a list of files from a folder or directory and…