Introduction In the tutorial, Spring NamedParameterJdbcTemplate and MapSqlParameterSource Example, I had shown how to save new record in the database and how to fetch record from database. Here I am going to show you how to mock Spring JdbcNamedParameterTemplate SqlParameterSource with Junit Mockito. I am going to use Junit 5 framework for this example. I…

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Spring JdbcNamedParameterTemplate Junit Mockito

Introduction It is necessary to prevent malicious code injection in your application and one of the injections is SQL injection. Here I am going to show you how to prevent SQL injections in CodeIgniter 4 based applications. A SQL injection attack consists of insertion of a SQL statement into your application via user input data….

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How To Prevent SQL Injections In CodeIgniter 4

Introduction The example I will show you here about the asynchronous communication among microservices or how microservices communicate asynchronously among themselves. A microservices-based application is a distributed system running on multiple processes or services, usually even across multiple servers or hosts. Each service instance is typically a process. Therefore, services must interact using an inter-process…

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Microservices Asynchronous Communication – Push Notifications

Introduction Here in this example, I am going to show you how to create Spring Boot profile based logging. For any applications logging is an important things which will help you to debug through your application errors or issues and you can fix them easily by analyzing those errors or issues from the log files….

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Spring Boot Profile Based Logging

Introduction In this example I am going to show you how to start your spring boot application on HTTPS protocol. HTTPS is a secured protocol, whereas HTTP is unsecured protocol. So the data passed over the network using HTTPS protocol are generally encrypted data. The application which I am going to build is in the…

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Spring Boot Application Over HTTPS

Introduction This tutorial will show you how to run PHP web applications without external server. So, you don’t need to use external server when you are developing or building your PHP based web applications in your development or local environment. I will show you here both how to run standalone PHP file and PHP web…

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Run PHP Web Applications Without External Server

Introduction In this example I am going to show you Spring Security Pre-authentication hasrole with Spring Data JPA. In my another example I had shown the similar example on Spring Security Pre-Authentication with Spring JDBC Template. There are situations where you want to use Spring Security for authorization, but the user has already been reliably…

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Spring Security Pre-Authentication with Spring Data JPA

The example CodeIgniter 4 MySQL AJAX nested comment system will show you how to build a threaded comment system using PHP based web framework CodeIgniter 4, MySQL 8 and jQuery with AJAX technique. This nested comment system is also called hierarchical comment system. This threaded or nested comment system in PHP AJAX accepts reply up…

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CodeIgniter 4 MySQL AJAX Nested Comment System

Introduction Codeigniter 4 MySQL 8 CRUD example will show you how you can build an application that performs CRUD operations using PHP based framework Codeigniter. CRUD is an acronym that stands for Create Read Update and Delete operations. It’s almost in every application that has user management system will need basic CRUD operations. Related Posts…

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CodeIgniter 4 MySQL 8 CRUD Example

Introduction Here I am going to build a system to log online user activity in Spring Boot applications using HandlerInterceptor interface. As an application owner you may want to track your user activities, such as, which page they are accessing, from where requests were made to your application, from which pages to which pages they…

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How To Log Online User Activity In Spring Boot Applications

Introduction Here I will discuss about OWASP top 10 securities considerations in web applications. These applications could be anything from standalone to enterprise to web applications. OWASP is an acronym that stands for Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and it is a global community that continuously focuses on the improvement of all types of…

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OWASP Top 10 Securities Consideration In Web Applications

Introduction You might have seen the error in CodeIgniter 4: The framework needs the following extension(s) installed and loaded: curl, intl. I will show you how here to solve this problem. This problem generally you will find in PHP based CodeIgniter 4 web framework in your environment when you try to run your application using…

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CodeIgniter 4 Error – framework needs extensions curl, intl