Introduction In this example I am going to show you how to color HTML table’s cells based on condition. The condition may be a value range, for example, HTML table cells (<td/>) have certain values and based on values you can choose background color of the cells. I am using pure JavaScript to iterate through…

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HTML Table Conditional Cell Color

What is integrity attribute? You might have seen the integrity attribute as well as crossorigin attribute in web page source code. The integrity and crossorigin attributes are used in the <script> and <link> tags. This is also called subresource integrity because it is included into the third party resources which are parts of the HTML…

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HTML Script Integrity Attribute – SubRresource Integrity (SRI)

Introduction In this tutorial, I will show you how to delete multiple rows from HTML table as well as from database server at one go. You might have seen tutorial how to display data from server to client side and how to select multiple rows on HTML table. I will put checkbox against each row…

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Delete Multiple Table Rows From Server Using Angular

Introduction Here I will create an example on how to check/uncheck individual/all checkbox on HTML table rows. You might have seen how to display data from server using Angular and alternate row color using CSS. I will put checkbox against each row on the table so that user will be able to select a particular…

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Angular Check/Uncheck Individual/All Checkbox On HTML Table Rows

Introduction In this tutorial I am going to show you how to display data from server using Angular 9 and how to apply two different colors on alternate rows using css (cascading style sheet). I will use Spring Boot REST API to send data on client side and consume using client side technology Angular 9….

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Display Data On HTML Table From Server Using Angular And Alternate Row Color

Introduction We will discuss here how to use CSS in WordPress plugin. We will use the same plugin we created in the example. We have seen how to use AJAX, jQuery in our previous tutorial. This example will also show you how to en-queue CSS file. Till now our simple email subscription form does the necessary things what…

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How to use CSS in WordPress Plugin

I am going to show you how to create sticky footer. In other words, this tutorial demonstrates how to keep the footer at the bottom of the page on short documents or pages with little content using CSS and HTML.

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Sticky footer at bottom using CSS and HTML