PHP SOAP Web Service Configuration


Here I am going to tell you how to configure PHP SOAP web service. Obviously you can imagine why I am going to show you PHP SOAP configuration. This is required when you are going to create or consume the SOAP web service from your PHP programs.

SOAP is an acronym that stands for Simple Object Access Protocol. It is XML based messaging protocol that defines the semantic of the communication structure between two applications. It is both platform and language independent. It supports various protocols while communicating to different applications.


Apache HTTP Server 2.4, PHP 7.4.3

PHP SOAP Configuration

As I said earlier that in order to call SOAP service you need to configure the PHP SOAP Client to establish the communication.

To configure the setting you need to open your php.ini file which resides generally under PHP installation directory.

Next you need to search for the line ;extension=soap and uncomment this line or replace this line by extension=soap.

If you are using older version of PHP you might have ;extension=php_soap.dll instead of ;extension=soap and you can uncomment the line to enable SOAP Client.

If your WSDL is under https protocol then you need to also uncomment the line ;extension=openssl. So replace it by extension=openssl.

If you are using older version of PHP then you can check for ;extension=php_openssl.dll and uncomment it.

Once you are done with the change you need to restart the Apache server to take effect.

Verify the Configuration

Next step is to verify the configuration with the help of phpinfo() function.

Simply create a file with .php extension (for example, phpinfo.php) and put the phpinfo() function as shown below:



Now open a browser and hit the URL http://localhost/phpinfo.php and you will see similar things for SOAP client as shown in the below image.

php soap web service configuration

That’s all. Now you will be able to create SOAP service or consume SOAP service using PHP programs.

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