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Spring Batch

I have already written some posts on Spring Batch. I am going to show you here what are the changes required while you are migrating your existing spring batch application to spring batch version 5.x or while you are using spring batch in spring boot 3.x.

Requirements For Spring Batch 5

  1. Spring batch 5 framework is based on spring framework version 6 which requires Java 17 as a minimum version.
  2. In spring batch 5, you must create meta data tables and without meta data tables you cannot run spring batch applications. Meta data tables where spring batch application stores job related information. You may find which tables are created for meta data storage in my spring batch posts.
  3. The JobBuilderFactory has been replaced by JobBuilder and StepBuilderFactory has been replaced by StepBuilder. The JobRepository instance has to be passed while creating instance for Step with StepBuilder or Job with JobBuilder.
  4. org.springframework:spring-jdbc is a required dependency in spring-batch-core, junit:junit and com.fasterxml.jackson.core:jackson-core are optional dependencies in spring-batch-core.
  5. DDL script org/springframework/batch/core/schema-drop-oracle10g.sql for Oracle database has been renamed to org/springframework/batch/core/schema-drop-oracle.sql and org/springframework/batch/core/schema-oracle10g.sql has been renamed to org/springframework/batch/core/schema-oracle.sql.
  6. Columns have been removed and added to the meta data table BATCH_JOB_EXECUTION_PARAMS.
  7. @EnableBatchProcessing annotation can be excluded now from the Java configuration class. This annotation exposed a transaction manager bean until spring batch 4.3 version, but it does not expose a transaction manager bean for spring batch 5 and it requires now a manual transaction manager bean to be configured.
  8. The transaction manager is now needed on any tasklet step definition.
  9. Import statements have to be updated from javax.* to jakarta.* for all EE APIs you use. For example, you need to replace javax.xml* by jakarta.xml*.

Implementation Related Changes

Here are some changes which are required for spring batch 5 applications:


Previously you used to get the Job instance from the JobBuilderFactory in the following way:

Job job = jobBuilderFactory.get("jobName").incrementer(new RunIdIncrementer()).flow(step).end().build();

Now you need to get the Job instance from the JobBuilder in the following way:

Job job = new JobBuilder("jobName", jobRepository).flow(step).end().build();

In the JobBuilder you need to pass the JobRepository instance for creating a Job instance.


The Step was created from the StepBuilderFactory in the following way:

Step step = stepBuilderFactory.get("stepName").transactionManager(transactionManager).<Object, Object>chunk(2).reader(reader).processor(processor).writer(writer).build();

Now the Step is created from the StepBuilder in the following way:

Step step = new StepBuilder("stepName", jobRepository).<Object, Object>chunk(2, transactionManager).reader(reader)

The JobRepository instance is passed to the StepBuilder. Also notice the required transaction manager instance is passed to the chunk() method.


The Map was used to configure JobParameter, for example, the following could have been used to pass in the job:

Map<String, JobParameter> map = new HashMap<>();
map.put("time", new JobParameter(System.currentTimeMillis()));
map.put("fileName", "TextFile5434535.txt");

JobParameters params = new JobParameters(map);

Now you need to use JobParametersBuilder in place of JobParameters in the following way:

JobParametersBuilder params = new JobParametersBuilder().addLong("time", System.currentTimeMillis()).addString("fileName", "TextFile5434535.txt").toJobParameters();

Jakarta Imports

If you have used any XML related import statements from javax.* then replace it by jakarta.* import statements.

You need to update the version of the related dependencies also. For example, javax.*, com.sun.* of 2.x version should be replaced by jakarta.*, com.sun.* of 4.x version.





If you are using junit tests and jacoco plugin for test reports then make sure you use the jacoco version at least 0.8.8.

The xml.enabled = true should be updated by xml.required = true inside the following tag:

jacocoTestReport {
    reports {
        xml.required = true //xml.enabled = true


Make sure you upgrade Servlet API version to at least 4.0.0 otherwise your servlet import statements will not work.


If you are using swagger version 2, then it won’t work, so you need to upgrade to Open API version 3 to work with Spring Boot 3.x version.


Though you may find gradle documentation that gradle version 7.3 is fully compatible with Java 17 but in spring boot 3.x and spring batch 5, I could not make it work with gradle version 7.3 and I had to use gradle version at least 7.4.

That’s all about basic migration steps and if you have anything to add kindly let me know in the comment section.

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