Introduction In this example, I am going to discuss about how to work with Python flask caching. Flask is a Python based light-weight web frameworks. Flask framework provides an extension called Flask-Caching that adds caching supports for various backends to any flask applications. You can also develop your own caching system by extending the flask_caching.backends.base.BaseCache…

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Python Flask Cache in Web Applications

Introduction In this example I am going to show how your application can reload changes without server restart in Flask applications in development environment. Situations may occur when you need to speed up your development works without having to worry about restarting the server for every change in the piece of code in your application….

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Reload Changes in Flask Web App Without Server Restart

In this tutorial we build an application using Python based Flask framework to fetch all products from MySQL database and display on the HTML table. This example is all about to delete multiple rows from HTML as well as database tables. We will use IN clause with WHERE condition in MySQL query to delete multiple…

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Delete Multiple Rows from Table using Flask, AJAX, jQuery, MySQL

Introduction I will discuss here how to work with parent and child templates in flask framework. In other words it is said template (Jinja) inheritance. So I will create a base or parent template which child template or pages will extend to include the common functionalities instead of repeating common functionalities into every page you…

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Working with Parent and Child Templates in Flask

Introduction In this tutorial I will show you here how to build a simple shopping cart using Python, Flask, MySQL. This shopping cart is very simple and it does not have checkout option, payment option. This is about to display products in an online shopping portal, add item to cart, remove item from cart and…

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Building Simple Shopping Cart using Python, Flask, MySQL

Introduction The tutorial, Python login and logout example will show you how to login and logout a user using session in Python 3. You may need users to authenticate/authorize using credentials when there are protected areas in web application. For example, you need to authenticate when you are accessing your savings account details using netbanking….

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Python Flask Login and Logout Example

Introduction The tutorial on Python web application CRUD example using Flask and MySQL will show you the basic CRUD operations. CRUD means Create, Read, Update and Delete operations. In the below example I will create new record, read existing records, update the existing record and delete the existing record. I will use MySQL database as…

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Python Web Application CRUD Example Using Flask And MySQL