Spring Boot Actuator – Creating Custom Endpoints

Spring Actuator Here you will see example on creating custom endpoints in Spring Boot Actuator. There are a number of endpoints provided by Spring Boot however you may want to create a custom endpoint using Spring Boot Actuator. You have seen few examples on Spring Boot actuators:

Spring Boot Actuator – Securing HTTP Endpoints

Secure Actuator HTTP Endpoints Here you will see example on securing HTTP endpoints in Spring Boot application. Like other sensitive URLs, you should take care to secure HTTP endpoints. If Spring Security is present, endpoints are secured by default using Spring Security‚Äôs content-negotiation strategy. If you wish to configure custom security for HTTP endpoints, for example, only allow users with…

Spring Boot Actuator – Accessing Endpoints via JMX

Access Endpoints via JMX This tutorial will show you how to access Endpoints via JMX in Spring Boot Actuator. As you may know only /actuator/health and /actuator/info are accessible over HTTP protocol for security reasons. Therefore if you want to access other end points you have to access over JMX. JMX console comes with the JDK installation, so you don’t…

Spring Boot Actuator – Production Ready Features

Actuator Spring Boot Actuator that includes additional features to help you monitor and manage your application in production. You can monitor your application’s auditing, health, and metrics by using HTTP endpoints or with JMX. Spring Boot Actuator includes a number of built-in endpoints and lets you add your own. For example, the health endpoint provides basic application health information.