Spring REST API Retryable And Recover

Spring Retryable You might often encounter various errors and failures in the applications as the software world is highly unpredictable with variables ranging from network latency to third-party service downtime. Therefore it is crucial to build a robust application by ensuring fault tolerance and resilience that will help to build overall user experience and stability of the application. Spring framework…

External Configuration In Spring Boot Applications

External Configuration Spring Boot framework allows application developers to run the same Spring Boot application in different environments by making use of its feature of external configuration. The configuration in Spring Boot application uses environment variables, properties files, command-line arguments, YAML files, and system properties to mention the required configuration properties for its corresponding environments.

Store Image As Blob And Retrieve Blob As Image Using Spring

Image As Blob And Blob As Image Here in this example I am going to show you how to store image as blob into database. While retrieving blob from database I am going to display blob as image. While storing image as blob into database I am going to display a page which will be used for uploading the image….

React Login Logout With Spring Boot Security

React Spring Security Here in this example I am going to integrate React JS front-end with Spring Boot Security framework. When user will try to access the home page the user will be redirected to the login page if the user has not been authenticated already. Spring Boot’s default security mechanism asks for username and password when a user tries…

Spring Cloud LoadBalancer With Microservices

Microservices And Load Balancer Microservice, also known as, microservice architecture is an architectural style with an approach for developing a single application as a suite of small services, each running in its own process and communicating with a lightweight resource API that has the following characteristics:

Google Organization Chart Using Spring

Organization Chart Here I am going to build google organization chart using spring boot framework. Organization chart can be used to display hierarchical data of an organization, for example, you can display the employees and their managers in hierarchical order. You can also find the organization hierarchy in your organization also. For example, you can see your manager, your manager’s…

Completable Future To Fetch Data Asynchronously

Asynchronous Data Here I am going to show you how to fetch data asynchronously. So, data which are not coordinated in time will be fetched any time. This means that data is sent at irregular intervals, without any specific time or synchronization between the sender and receiver. In this example I am going to use CompletableFuture from Java 8’s new…

Spring Boot Hikari Connection Pool Configurations

Hikari Connection Pool Here in this Spring Boot application example, I am going to show you how to use Hikari connection pool to use dedicated HikariDataSource instead of the use of database specific datasource. Hikari connection pool commonly known as HikariCP is extremely fast, light-weight, simple and production ready JDBC connection pool.

Spring Batch 5 Migration

Spring Batch I have already written some posts on Spring Batch. I am going to show you here what are the changes required while you are migrating your existing spring batch application to spring batch version 5.x or while you are using spring batch in spring boot 3.x. Requirements For Spring Batch 5 Implementation Related Changes Here are some changes…

Using Multiple DataSources In Spring Batch

Multiple DataSources In Spring Batch Here I am going to show you how to use multiple datasources in spring batch application. You may need to use multiple data sources for various reasons, for example, you may need to store table metadata for spring batch into h2 database and other business data into Oracle, MySQL or any other database. Or another…