Problem Let’s say you are starting your Spring Boot application and your (Spring Boot) application is trying to connect to vhost (virtual host) ‘xyz’ that does not exist in RabbitMQ server. So, you are getting error – access to vhost ‘xyz’ refused for use ‘guest’. By default, the user which is used to connect to RabbitMQ is ‘guest’….

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RabbitMQ – access to vhost ‘xyz’ refused for user ‘guest’

Introduction Are you getting logon denied error while starting or deploying your Spring Boot application into Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) cloud environment? Generally, logon denied error occurs while your application is trying to connect to database server. The error you get in your application log is similar to the following error: From the above error…

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Fix Oracle Logon Denied Error In Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Introduction In this tutorial I am going to explain about few common startup problems or errors of RabbitMQ server after a fresh installation. I am using 3.6.1 version of the RabbitMQ message broker. RabbitMQ Startup Errors You might have faced the following errors during starting the RabbitMQ message broker after installation in your system. Starting…

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Fix RabbitMQ Startup Errors After Installation